What is Scarier Korean or Cuban Communism?

In Recent News…

Two major news stories that have been developing in the past several weeks. One story is Trump strickening the relations with Cuba cutting off what Obama set in place three years ago. As well as the decision by Trump on Cuba, there is tragic new from across the Pacific Ocean. Otto Warmbier, a 22 American student that decided to travel to North Korea, died after being sent to 15 years hard labor a year before. Although his choice to travel there is a whole different topic, he was allowed to go there. My question is why can I travel to one and not the other?


Background of These Countries

Almost immediately after Soviet Russia stacked Berlin winning World War 2 in europe, the US and Allies decided that Communism is the next big threat for the west causing decades of flexing between the superpowers USSR and USA. In 1950, this led to a war in Korea between US backed South Korea and USSR backed North Korea. In 1953, an armistice was signed pausing the war. To this day North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war. In 1959, Castro officially took control of Cuba which deteriorated US relations leading to an embargo in 1961. Both countries were heavily influenced by the Soviet Union which fell in 1991 leaving North Korea and Cuba the few remnants of Communism.


Why Can I Visit One And Not The Other

Short answer, I have no idea. Each year about 1000 thrill seeking Americans decide that North Korea is their next travel destination. They decide to travel there even though 16 Americans have been detained in the past 10 years with 3 still in custody. If an American wants to visit Cuba they have to have family there. The hypocrisy gets even better because because the reason the US set an embargo because Castro threatened the United States. The same thing North Korea does every time they test a long range missile. What I am trying to say is that both countries are Communist extremists and go against American values yet we can visit one and not the other. I would like to see consistency in our policy for once.


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