Social Media Boosts Travel Among Millennials

It seems like nobody travels more than millennials these days. I’ve noticed myself through social media that this generation loves to travel. Of course, everybody loves to travel, but if you think about it, our parents and grandparents didn’t travel as much as millennials do today. But what is it that gives millennials that extra itch to travel that generations past didn’t have? Economy? Technology? Or just the adventurous spirit millennials possess? Well I think it’s all three.

Forbes did an article about how social media makes millennials want to travel more. And I believe that that is the case. They talk about how millennials don’t just use Instagram to look at pictures anymore, but to determine where they are going next! They also state that “more millennials indicated that social media was an influencing factor in travel choices than travel agents.”

Using social media for travel inspiration combines the three reasons why millennials are traveling more; economy, technology, and adventure. Because this generation is so immersed in technology its incredibly hard to avoid seeing your friends traveling and sharing their adventures. And with so many apps that make travel so much easier like Uber and Hotel Tonight on the rise, Millennials are finding it easier and easier to get out and see the world.

But also, the culture among millennials is to adventurous while you’re young, and see the world as much as we can. And ultimately its becoming more and more accessible, and social media plays a big role in that.

I’ve been blessed to be able to travel quite a bit the past four years through my job. People kept asking me for tips on travel and where to go in the cities I visit frequently, so I started documenting my travels with Instagram a year ago, and called it @KarasevTravels.

So now that this class is done, get out there and explore the world. You only live once!

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