Cherished Portrait


There are some who would hire an artist to paint a portrait for official decoration such as portrait of eminent leaders, politicians, or founders of some institution etc. People do commission portrait paintings. For example, some people want their own portrait made, some want portrait painted of their parents.  Some people like to have portraits of their kids painted.

My portrait is very important to me for these two reasons:

  1. The wordings are gotten from the holy bible of the Christian religion.
  2. It is painted with the united states flag color and design as the background.

The portrait in question has the wordings that states:

Greater love hath no one than this,
That one would lay their life down for another.
John 15:13

My starting point is by introducing my religion and my beliefs. I am born into a Christian family and I grew up knowing that the word of God gives life and understanding. This is not a make believe because I have tested it and it worked for me.

I recite the words from the bible daily.

It gives me the confidence to go through the day without worrying about a thing.The wordings of the bible is very important to me, and I take it very seriously. The painted portrait is sitting on my reading table in my bedroom where I can see it and reflect on it immediately I woke up from my bed.

Secondly this portrait is painted on the gorgeous American flag color and design. Which reminds me that American is a land of opportunity, and someday I will grab that opportunity and be a winner I am born to be. The bible tells me that I am the light of the world, and a tree that is planted on the hill cannot be hidden. # I love the word of God.




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