Immigrants and the Economy

Walter Coffey, author of historical fiction and non-fiction, wrote in his June 17, 2011 article “How Illegal Immigration Harms the Economy” in the Tea Party Tribune:

This has been a national issue and a political question for a lot of Americans. People worry if this true or some people who are biased towards immigrants just made up the story.

After taking a critical look at occurrences of the nations history, regarding immigrants, and political talks. I would give my opinion that the economy impact of illegal immigrants in the United States is enormous and impacts the financial security of the country’s legal residents. The impact plays out in many ways that is both positive and negative.

  1. Americans believe that undocumented immigrants are exploiting the United States’ economy. The widespread belief is that illegal aliens cost more in government services than they contribute to the economy.
  2. All immigrants, regardless of legal status, contribute to the American economy. The 11.3 million unauthorized immigrantsliving the U.S. today contribute $11.64 billion in state and local taxeseach year. The Social Security Administration estimates that unauthorized immigrants contribute a net of $13 billion in payroll taxes annually, which helps to strengthen the Social Security system.
  3. The fact remain that illegal immigrants do not get welfare benefits of any kind. At the same time, they often pay income tax. Through paycheck withholding, and sales Tax.

In conclusion immigrants have historically played a key role in the building of the United States, and they continue to carry that legacy today. it is up to Congress to reform the immigration system so that it will be both beneficial to the immigrants and the nation they believe in.

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