Choose your Halloween costume wisely

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Halloween is the one time where you can dress up as anything that you want and you wont get judged for being “slutty” or really cheesy because everyone is doing it. But listen, there has to be a line.

I work in a coffee shop, in a small town with a lot of pretty wealthy people that have a chip on their shoulder, so it’s not that foreign for me to see some ignorance here and then. I was working this evening and all of the sudden, I see a white male dressed up as a terrorist walking right by our window, just taking a stroll, smoking a cigarette. Me and my other coworkers were in complete awe. How, especially with all of the ignorance that is going on in the world, would you ever dress up as a terrorist? It is simply just not appropriate and I have no patience for anyone who has even an ounce of racism. Thankfully he didn’t come in because I honestly would not have served him.

So my position is this, you can’t dress up as something for halloween that makes fun of anyone, especially not a specific culture/race. 

There are a lot of racist people in the world, hell our country is being run by a misogynist racist. So how have people not caught up and realized that dressing up as someone of another culture IS NOT OKAY? Even dressing up in a sombrero and a poncho and dressing up as a “Mexican” (in quotes because people from Mexico don’t dress like that) is offensive. When has cultural appropriation ever been okay? As a person from a different country, I would never dress up as someone from another culture and think that it was funny.

I just had to write about this because it completely angered me that someone would do something like that and think that it was okay. I guess with a president (not my president, sorry not sorry) like this one, people can think they can do whatever the hell without any consequences because he does the same thing.

So please, choose your halloween costume wisely.

On a lighter note and in the spirit of halloween, here’s a picture from my class instagram of some of me and my friends with the pumpkins that we carved.



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