Mad Deer 🦌

Tis the hunting season and the poor deers don’t even see it coming.

Now I myself am not particularly a big fan of venison meat but have you ever tried venison taco?? I was hesitating but trust me, just give it a try. The hashtag says it all.

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Venison taco night!! 🌯 #yum

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Amid consuming my venison tacos, I remembered an article I saw about chronic waste disease (CWD) that was infecting deers in Michigan.

CWD is like “mad cow disease” and primarily from elk, white tails, sheep, and mule deer.

There were only one or two cases every year but this year, 11 free-range deers in Michigan were identified to be infected with CWD, from three different counties.

The worry now is that it will spread to humans and it would not be an obvious infection right away, rather one that starts off slowly. “it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when.”

The CDC advised not to eat the deers infected. The Wikipedia for CWD states (from a credible source so I’ll take it), that CWD sits in the “brain, spinal cord, eyes, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes.” If the deer tests positive, I recommend ditching it whole.

Now let’s hope the venison in my taco was not infected. #fingerscrossed

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