My Vegas Rewards

Vegas is awesome! The city never sleeps! It’s true! You have people ordering cocktails 6 in the morning. It slows down around 3 to 5 am but people are just drunk and chilling at some slot machine or table game. There are people celebrating birthdays, bachelor (bachelorette) parties, people getting married, street performers, and all sorts of fancy things. Vegas will entertain you at all hours.

Like most people, I like to look up things to do, place to eat, and freebies. So I want to share an application (for the MGM resorts) that you should have if you are planning to visit Vegas because it will help you save a few bucks at some of the main attractions!

Download the app “My Vegas” (I have an iphone, but I’m sure other app stores have their version). They have a slot machine or blackjack version but it doesn’t matter because it will sync everything together through your Facebook login. This app is very useful and offers great things. Like every other app out there, it wants you to spend real money to play and get extra boosts, etc. But, DON’T! Because you can’t “cash” out and that will defeat the purpose of “FREEBIES”. I have never spent a penny —I just go in daily to collect my free points and chips to play and earn more points. This does take time and will not happen overnight, so download it now and start earning your points!

SO WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE THIS APP? Because you can use these points to redeem REAL REWARDS such as 1 to 2 night complimentary hotel rooms, food and drinks, buffets, slot plays, shows, and rides at the MGM resorts. Some restrictions: a person can only redeem 3 rewards per visit, this app is not available for local residents, and the rewards are non-transferrable.

And yes, you are on vacation, and will be splurging anyways… but why not save if you can?

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