Travel Much? 🛫

Dreams of flying to city or country far away and doing touristy things (or not) are always crushed when you see the price of the plane ticket.

Flights overseas are roughly over $1,000 and it’s rare to see those prices drop.

Let me present you with a solution, Thrifty Traveler!


Thrifty Traveler is a website based right here in Minnesota that posts about cheap flights. Flights within the U.S. or flights outbound of the U.S. to your dream destination.

There are flights from MPS to Orlando for $177 round trip! Don’t want to go to Orlando? How about Denver to Kona, Hawaii for $361!

The site is updated daily sometimes even hourly with new deals and they get posted right away to their Facebook page.

You may be saying to yourself that this seems too good to be true or wondering if it is legit at all but it is!

Yours truly has used Thrifty Traveler three times. The first trip was from MPS to New York City🗽for $110.

Second, Chicago to Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷 for $500.

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Missing South Korea 😭

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My third trip through Thrifty Traveler is coming up at the end of May from MSP to London 🇬🇧 for $500.

The only hick in these deals are many of them are like last minute. Meaning you could see a trip from your city to another city for only $96 but the flight is in 3 weeks. It’s the airlines trying to fill their seats, hence the low price.

But don’t feel down yet, there are some that are further out, for example, my London trip. I leave for London on May 28th and return June 9th. I booked my flight in October, there is plenty of time to plan the trip. In the flight details, there is usually a range of departure and return dates that the price works for.

They also offer a Premium membership for $30 a year. The premium claims to include “Immediate flight deal notification, flight deals from your designated region, direct links to book with the airline, free travel credit card consulting, and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.”

So, how about finally booking that trip to Las Vegas?

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