Take Advantage

If you are a student, you should always take advantage of your student status. It’s one of the best titles you’ll get in this lifetime. So many excuses.

Don’t want to go to that party but too nice to say no? “I have a really big test tomorrow worth half of my grade, I really have to study for it.” Done.

Need a break from your family? “I have a research paper due tonight, I’m going to be in my room all day, don’t bother me.” Or “I’m going to the library.” Done.

Trying to dip out of somewhere early? Getting called into work on your day off? Is somebody calling in a favor? “Sorry, I have class.” Done.

Not only is being a student a great excuse, another advantage is using it to learn and get first-hand tips about your field and future career. Most people love helping out students, especially when the student is wanting to learn more.

As a student, it is the perfect time to get in contact with someone who is currently working in the field that you are going to school for. Ask for a 15-minute informational interview or even a chance to shadow.

Internships are also something very beneficial for students. It’s a great way to gain experience and it looks great on the resume.

And my personal favorite advantage, student discounts! Many stores have student discounts, all you need to do is ask.

Here are a few of my favorite online student discounts/deals:


Just sign up and you’ll receive great coupons. I got $200 off from my Microsoft Surface Laptop!



A great website filled with tons of discount codes for many retail sites. *One of my favorite sites*



All the Amazon Prime features at a discounted price! Plus, free 6-month trial! Plenty of time to take advantage of the Prime features.


sb_logo_black1 Like UNiDAYS but based out of the U.K. so there are other retail sites.



$4.99 a month for songs AND t.v. shows and movies!? HELL YEAH!



Now get out there and take advantages of those advantages!

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