Lets Talk: Tiny Houses


If you’ve watched HGTV in the last couple years you will have noticed the major boom in people looking for or building tiny houses. Both younger people looking for their first home or even families looking to downsize so they can do more of what they love. I started my own tiny house journey back in September. I had been looking for an apartment for a while but hated the idea of spending 800-1000 dollars a month on rent and live with a roommate. When I could be saving up for a down payment on a house and invest in something.


So I scoured for the perfect vintage travel trailer I could gut and make into a custom tiny house that I could later use for camping or a guest house when I moved on to a bigger home. Finally in October I found “THE ONE” … a 1970’s 36ft Safari Travel Trailer. It was well maintained, had a updated plumbing system and plenty of closet space. I drove to Taylors Falls paid the man $1200 and drove away with my new home on wheels. Thankfully my parents have a large home with a spot that was poured by the previous owners for their RV. So I had my home and a place to park it with electric, water & sewer hook ups. I then started the gutting process. I brought the old couch and dining set to a vintage shop for a store credit of $25, not much but hey I didn’t want it. I ripped out the old shag carpet, the bed frame, ripped the front shelf doors off, and removed the back bunk leaving another shelf. Once demolition was done I re-insulated the walls and moved onto paint. I naively bought 3 gallons thinking, my home is small how much could I need… But I was covering old 70’s wood panelling & orange cabinet doors. I painted coat after coat after coat. When all was said and done I had 5 gallons of high coverage paint used in a 290 sq. ft house, then I began laying the peel & stick laminate flooring over the newly cleaned and sealed subfloor and covered the yellowing plastic cabinet inserts with a faux marble contact paper. Once I was done with the basics,  I started making the space better fit my needs, I moved some of the plumbing and tanks to allow more storage space, I installed 2 cabinets and a counter I purchased from IKEA. I moved in my couch, entertainment system and huge TV, then my bed frame and mattresses. finished decorating and moved in. It’s my first home and I can resell it for way more then I have put in to it or keep it for camping or as a guest space.

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