The Media’s Follow up to Matt Lauer Allegations

The Knife Media posted an article titled “The follow-up on Matt Lauer’s dismissal: Objection, irrelevant. The author Jens Erik Gould argued that the media’s follow up coverage on Lauer is wrong because it brings up information not related to his current allegations. He is complaining that Matt Lauer reputation is being damaged. He says his past behavior has nothing to do with the current allegations and that it is being used to spin the public. My opinion is that when you admit to inappropriate sexual behavior your past interactions are up for judgment.  For anybody that has been living under a rock for the last few weeks, Matt Lauer has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with colleagues. There have been multiple women come forward with one accusing him of sexual assault. He was fired from NBC and shortly after he offered an apology to the ladies he hurt. Although he said some of the allegations were false, he admitted that were enough truth in stories to make feel embarrassed and ashamed. He also acknowledged that he caused some pain by his words and actions. This sounds to me like an admission of guilt of some sort, although he did not say which allegations were true or false. Matt Lauer has been on televisions in homes across America for 20 years. After hearing him admit to some level of guilt for inappropriate sexual behavior, I think it is natural for people question past behavior that was overlooked. To many across the country, he is not the man most thought he was. I think there is now context to go along with some of his previous behavior. Everything from the ill advised sexual harassment jokes to taking his pants off on set,  I believe it is the viewing public’s right to look back and wonder about the actions of Matt Lauer.

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