Tis the Season to Give Back

Now that the holiday season is upon on us, it is time to remember that many people are going through some tough times. Unfortunately there many individuals and families this holiday season experiencing homelessness without warm clothing and a hot meal and some children will not receive any gifts. This is why if you able to, I would like for you to adopt an idea my wife got from one her friends and that is the 12 days of kindness. It is a play on words from the 12 days of Christmas.


For 12 days you and your family can complete one-act of kindness per day. If you have children it is a great way to show them the importance of helping others. You do not have to spend a lot of money to give back. You can give your time. There is a great article listing various organizations that are looking for volunteers in Minneapolis and St Paul. The opportunities range from serving meals to the elderly to locations for toy drop-offs.

Another option is to donate your old items. If you have any clothing, books, children toys or any other excess items you can drop them off at a local Salvation Army. I am pretty sure that whatever you are able to do someone will appreciate it. You never know you may be the one needing some assistance someday.This is a great opportunity to end the year doing something special with your family and making an impact in someone’s life.

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