DACA Students Matter

Imagine being told you have to leave your home. That is what is happening to our DACA students. DACA (Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival) is minor that came to the United State with their parents without proper paper works, other knowns at “undocumented”. During the Obama Administration, Former President Obama made it a policy that allowed undocumented children to be able to go to school and be a kid. Majority of the DACA recipient arrived into the United State when they were as little as three years old. For many DACA recipients United State is their home and the home they have known. They are now able to go to school, go to college. They are allow to dream just like any other child.

With recent change of administration, Donald Trump is aiming to shut down the DACA program. The program that gave thousands kids opportunity to chase their dreams. Many young adult and children are fearful of what will happen next. That’s where you come in! To help DACA recipients you can write to your local State Representative or Senator to let them know you care about this cause. By writing to your local representative you are being a voice to the children that deserve a chance at life.


2 thoughts on “DACA Students Matter

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