Skeptic with a Capital S.

I remember exactly when I realized that my generation was screwed. As an early Millenial (Xenial), I witnessed how our Capitalist economy, once the dream of my Reagan Republican parents, collapsed in front of my face. My store went out of business. Rents became out of reach. And I realized my college dream would end up leaving me with tens of thousands in potential debt, while getting paid less than what I made 10 years ago. I am not alone. Yes, Millenials, we did truly get screwed.

I like the idea of this “We First” mindset that Mainwaring is going for. But I remain skeptical about this utopian dream. Social media reaches a wider audience, one that may be able to solve problems. But we’ve had the American Capitalist Dream so ingrained in our heads for generations, that seeing this as the solution to all our problems may take a lot of convincing. And the current political climate isn’t making me feel any better about this supposed utopia happening. If anything, the “Me First” mentality is back.

But in spite of my skepticism, I’d like to think that things will change. The generation that sees the struggle we will have with maintaining material possessions on our own, might see the strength that a community of “We” can have. Our social media obsessions might lead to more than a hashtag. Just look at how #metoo is already changing mainstream culture.

Mainwaring says that “The rise of social media gives consumers new leverage to persuade corporations to accept greater social responsibility for their behaviors, while at the same time offering corporations opportunities to strengthen ties to their customers”. I want to believe this is true. So I ask you: What can “We” do to convince this Skeptic?
I hope that the angle I’m taking (skeptic) is abundantly clear. My main audience for this post is the Millenials, namely those who are affected by the financial challenges are generation is facing. My challenge is for the reader to prove my skepticism wrong, and think about what we CAN do to create a better future society. I’d like my audience to identify with what I’m feeling, and use that anger/doubt/skepticism to do something (via social media) to resolve our current situation. If actually writing a post, I may possibly go into more depth, but probably not. From my personal experience, too much content can lead to skimming and/or completely missing the point. So writing to my peers, I would keep a blog post of this topic fairly short. Save in-depth content for the books.

3 thoughts on “Skeptic with a Capital S.

  1. Hey Marie, great title and intro. You definitely grabbed my attention and I totally relate to your point about being of the “Xenial” generation. I have actually never heard the term and I was discussing with someone just the other day what we consider ourselves to be because we are somewhere between Millennial and Gen-X. Your post not only grabbed my attention but was very relate-able for me, personally. Drawing from your personal experience made it memorable and I also like that you clearly stated your stance at the bottom.

    1. I’ve never felt like I fit 100% with Millenial or X, so I was glad to hear that there is a sub-generation identified for the late 70s to mid 80s (also known as “The Oregon Trail Generation”). Either way, I think anyone in that age group can identify with the effects we’ve felt since 2008 and have been trying to recover from. The older ones of us who felt it first-hand through losing our jobs, or the younger ones who are living with an uncertain future. Regardless of age, I HOPE that we can learn from the mistakes of the past and get out of the non-functioning form of Capitalism.

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