We First

Mainwaring’s message about wanting to live in the best world possible caught my attention right away. This is something I can understand. Being a part of the millennial generation, we have been classified under having the ‘Me First’ mentality. He says we need to use our collective minds and put our hands to work. We essentially need to work together to be the change we want to see we want to see in the world. As someone who was recently living outside the United States, I see the need for this. I do agree with Mainwaring that with the millennial generation, social media will be the best tool in promoting this type of change.

My audience for this post is my classmates, professor, fellow millennial generation, anyone who is interested in the change of capitalism, and thinking in terms of a more collectivist versus individualistic point of view.

My goal for this post would be to inform my audience on my reflection of his article and include my stance.

I would start my blog post off with an attentiongetter. I would then reflect on the article and voice my opinion. I would end it with take a ways and a link to additional information on the topic.


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