Jeff Sessions revoking ‘Cole Memo’

For those who aren’t too familiar with what is going on in the United States as far as cannabis laws go, Jeff Sessions has revoked the “Cole Memo” a couple of days after Marijuana was legally available for recreational use in California. The Cole Memo made it possible for cannabis laws to be somewhat protected on a state level.

The revocation of this policy was horribly timed and feels purposely put into play by the Trump administration at an ever so crucial moment for the citizens and cannabis users of California.

The article I read gives an insight as to how a large segment of the population feels and views the predicament that they found themselves in.

Cannabis laws vary from state to state but here are some if you’re interested, obviously for the state of California. (State laws):

On a federal level, the law remains the same and doesn’t not vary at all and is held as a standard from the Federal Law for the United States:

For the most part it seems as though the citizens of California aren’t shook from the opposing Jeff Sessions attempt to complicate laws on cannabis and are still running business as usual.

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