#MeToo, and What About You?

The #metoo movement has brought a huge change in our society. Women feel that they can speak up, but do we? What do we share, how do we define assault? It’s become a more complicated topic than just a hashtag.  I hate to say that the initial empowerment  felt as a woman has already faded. After the Aziz Ansari fiasco on Babe, I’m left wondering what the standards are for calling out #metoo. How far is too far? Do some put verbal harassment on the same tier as rape? Should we even have tiers? I’m so confused. So, what about you? I for one am getting sick of being an undefinable hashtag.

As Jia Tolentino writes, it’s stressing her out. Check out The Rising Pressure of the #metoo Backlash and get back to me. Ladies (and gents), how has #metoo affected you?

2 thoughts on “#MeToo, and What About You?

  1. The unfortunate truth is that I would say almost ever single woman I know could use the #metoo hashtag to describe an experience in our lives. There is a fine line though and how do we draw it??? I agree in this case with Ashleigh Banfield’s open letter to the woman claiming assault “The only sentence that a guy like that deserves is a bad case of blue balls, not a Hollywood blackball.”

  2. Hi Marie,

    The #metoo and #timeisup movement is a really interesting topic to blog about because of how much it’s currently trending within the media. I actually haven’t read the story about Aziz Ansari yet so thanks for sharing. The brave women who have shared their #metoo stories have encouraged other women to come forward. This really demonstrates the power of social media. The movement just makes me think about my personal experiences with the meaning behind it. It also bring to light the alarming realization like you said almost every woman has an experience they could share relating to the hashtag. I think you pose an interesting question about defining the hashtag. I’m not sure I know enough about the movement to answer that.

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