Super Bowl LII = The Largest Sex Trafficking Event of the Year?

You’ve probably seen the posts flying around social media. “Super Bowl LII will be home to the largest sex trafficking event of the year!” Not really something we want to think about occurring in shocking numbers in Minneapolis, our hometown. I wanted to verify these facts to see is this is truly the case.

Dr. Lauren Martin, a U of M researcher, found that indeed there will be sex trafficking due to the Super Bowl, but how much?  “The Super Bowl just increases the concentration of people that are willing to buy sex, it doesn’t mean that sex is a bigger problem,” Martin said. So, although the ugly truth is large events like the Super Bowl bring this sad reality of sex trafficking to our state, it isn’t quite to the magnitude social media would like you to believe.

Local law enforcement is working closely with groups like MN Girls Are Not For Sale to focus on the victims of sex trafficking. They tell us by knowing the facts, being aware of the signs and making sure that everyone during this big event is safe is a great way to fight trafficking.

I do feel somewhat better knowing the facts, but only slightly. It sickens me to the core to think while millions of people will be gathering for a football game, there will be an increased number of victims of sex trafficking in our home state. The ugly truth of large events across the globe.



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