What price tag can insurance companies put on a human life?


As a healthy 125 pound female, type 1 diabetes is not something that has effected me. It does not run in my family and up until recently was not a disease that I knew much about. I, like many of us, am guilty of having the mindset that if something doesn’t directly effect me I naively turn a blind eye to it. Type 1 diabetes is huge epidemic and creating awareness to the high cost of insulin is the only way to make it affordable for everyone.

Flashback to this past summer. My best friend growing up calls me to tell me that her 26 year old brother passed away because he was left uninsured after he turned 26 and was taken off his parents insurance and could not afford his insulin. I was shocked and instantly put myself in her position because I also have a younger brother. I didn’t know that he had diabetes because he didn’t fit the ‘profile’. Diabetes was something that he was genetically predisposed to and not something that could have been prevented.

My shock soon turned to anger as I attended his funeral service. How can insurance companies get away with this? Having access to insulin is literally the difference between life or death for someone with type 1 diabetes. If someone has a preexisting condition how can they just be removed without proof of new insurance. I wanted to know more and so should you.

How many other people are dying because they can’t afford their insulin? Charity Shuster-Gormley also shares her story and the cost of staying alive.

What can be done to promote change? In a generation of social media let’s create awareness together and get involved.

-Sign the petition and help make insulin affordable to all.

-Join the team and walk to raise awareness

For more information visit: https://donations.diabetes.org

1 thought on “What price tag can insurance companies put on a human life?

  1. Missy, I am so sorry for you and your friend’s family. It is awful how insurance companies have so much control in the health care system. I have found this to be the case with a lot of treatments and medications and this is an issue that really affects most people or at least a loved one. My sister needs an epi pen for severe food and environmental allergies and the cost of an epi pen is so high that many people cannot afford to have one, and they expire in a year or two. Thank you for sharing your personal experience and encouraging others to join the fight against insurance companies to help those in need get insulin!

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