Where Do We Start?

When I hear the word capitalism, one of the first words that comes to mind is selfish; the 10% of people who only care about themselves and want to have an abundance of wealth and power.  The way capitalism is today is something that can’t keep continuing as it has for so long.  How do we fix this?  Where do we start?  How can you change those who don’t want to change?



  1. Start with a thought provoking question, interesting fact, something to pull my audience in.
  2. Address my audience – those who may not understand exactly what capitalism is.  An audience that I can educate about this topic.
  3. Goal – Not only do I hope for them to walk away from my article learning something and get them inspired, but to also show them how they can make a difference, how they can do more.
  4. List and explain at least 3 main points/ideas that addresses the reasoning for my post.
  5. Share what the audience can do to help someone else, a community or organization, their own life.
  6. Conclude with a quote, small nugget of wisdom, and/or an action step.

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