Snapchat Updated and…

What the hell Snapchat,

I’m not a fan of this update. The interface has changed. The people I subscribe to are mixed in with advertisements now. Snapchat has separated friends stories from public figures stories. The public figures are now in the mess of big company stories and peoples Snapchats that the algorithm thinks I want to see. It is apparent that they are trying to attract new users and be more advertisement friendly. More advertisers means more money. It is obvious that audience is very important to them, and rightfully so. Although, as a regular user, what the hell Snapchat… and I’m not the only one.

I get it though. Snapchat needs to grow. If they are not growing, stockholders aren’t happy. They would lose big money and have to make budget cuts. It’s a competitive market. I understand.

Speaking as a regular Snapchat user, what makes snapchat great was its simplicity. Take a right swipe and you have friends stories. To the left you have your direct messages. I loved when all the stories were all together in order of what was posted most recently. Snapchat is more personable. With the 24 hour stories it doesn’t feel like a big risk, you post something small and then it’s gone. It’s small daily shots and videos to share with your friends and whoever subscribes. That interaction is the bread and butter of Snapchat. Those type of personable interactions.  As they grow they will continue to push to get more interactions, more users, and so on. The filters, bitmojis, and special event stories are all superlative. They supplement the user and enhance their bread and butter.

This time though… it just doesn’t feel like they took care of their core audience. With that, I hope Snapchat continues to grow, but please don’t forget what makes Snapchat unique from other Social Media.

4 thoughts on “Snapchat Updated and…

  1. I’m not a Snapchat user, but I can see how this would be an annoying change. I’ve felt similar things about other platforms after update. You really clarify exactly what it was you loved about the app and your description makes me think that I should have tried it before they did the update. If it’s any consolation, other platforms have changed only to change back/adjust due to consumer feedback. There’s hope!

  2. I feel this on a very personal level. The second that my Snapchat updated, I texted my boyfriend exclaiming my hatred for it and shared the similar response with basically everyone on Twitter. I know that they’re trying to make more money but to me, the new way that they did it makes zero sense and I hate it. I want the old Snapchat back 😦

  3. I struggled trying to come up with this blog and how to go about it but now that I’m reading yours I think you did an amazing job. It was clear what your opinion was and you had good articles to back you up. I think the articles you chose were smart choices that really emphasized your point and made it current. I was purposefully ignoring the update when I saw how upset everyone was and then a few days ago by phone automatically updated it. I can honestly say I haven’t been as addicted to the app and use it about half as much now, which might not be such a bad thing for me. Good job!

  4. I feel the same. I understand the need to make money but shouldn’t you want to keep existing customers happy? I sometimes feel like all these changes to various social media they are trying to drive us away.

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