“Future” President Trump


The first thing about this article is that it’s clearly outdated, and Michael Moore’s worst fear has become a reality: Donald J Trump is our 45th president. However, this blog posts is a good example of clear bias.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love everything about this blog post. From bashing Trump, to clearly stating why he shouldn’t be our president, this post is very good. I especially like the section about how our brains have tricked ourselves into thinking that there’s no way Trump can win; I’m sure most people can relate to this.

Through Moore’s writing, it is very evident that he takes an anti-Trump stance, so obviously he’s going to bad mouth Trump. You would never find one sentence in any of his blogs about how great Trump his. This is where he loses some credibility. If he’s always going to bad mouth Trump, he’s only catering to one audience; those that also want Trump impeached. He’s missing out on the audience that may not hate EVERYTHING Trump has done.

My criticism for Moore would be to write from the other perspective. It’s okay to talk about how bad Trump is (and encouraged at that), but if he were to talk about Trump in a positive light even just a few times, he could also pull in readers that want to see both sides, or even some Trump enthusiasts. Although I can imagine how hard it’d be for someone like him to praise anything Trump has done.

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