Shut Up and Dribble?

Laura Ingraham (who?) told LeBron James to shut up and dribble. She’s referencing his interview with Uninterrupted. LeBron criticized Donald Trump… which he can do.

“[Trump] doesn’t understand the people, and doesn’t give a fuck about the people… it’s scary”.

I understand, I’m a minority, it’s not comfortable having a president that is so willing to down ethnic people.

Laura Ingraham saw diffrent, downing LeBron and Kevin Durant, not with perspective, but bully talk.

Things like:
“must they run their mouths like that… this is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA… ungrammatical… unwise to seek political advice from someone.. nobody voted for you… shut up and dribble.”

LeBron can say what he wants, he’s not threatening anybody. He has the right to criticize. He finished high school, so now your speaking fake news. Plus, the wealth of knowledge, information, and perspectives he has gained through life, with his position maybe more valuable than anything else. Who nows, Laura can’t get into LeBron’s mind, who knows what he’s read, what he’s learned, what he knows. Ungrammatical, your critiquing their grammar… as far as I’m concerned, language and it’s correctness is about the place you are in, it is about culture. The right way to speak, technically is where you are. It is the how people speak in that area. Maybe they don’t speak like you, but that doesn’t mean they’re speaking incorrect. We as Americans vote to put someone into office that represent us, if they don’t we can criticize, and Lebron’s criticism are valid, Trump has show that.

Let’s not mute others, lets not speak condescendingly about others, because you don’t like what they say. Lets have a conversation. Shout out to LeBron and KD. We are all people with many facet, so be you and speak your mind, the president is suppose to serve us.

P.S. Kevin Durant has a Masters in Law.

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