The Underserved Serving Each Other

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa may be completely unknown to the readers of this blog but it is a fascinating, yet grossly underreported, economic union of 19 ( nineteen) African nations that predated the EU, Nafta and other economic, intranational partnerships.

It was first formed in 1981.

It is  very simple agreement with a revolving leadership, a court for disputes between companies and does not require a non-native company nor any of its human components to need citizenship to enter and flourish.

It welcomes the outsider, the outlier, and the members of any and all peaceful outgroups.

Although they drive on the left side of the road and have their steering wheels on the right side of the dashboard, that would be the extent of British remnants within the former colonies in Comesa. They do have tight reigns on citizenship with no skipping the line, a soundly majority Christian culture separated from the State, but they allow anyone from anywhere to come for work and a better life.

As with Tunisians and Zimbabweans letting their “democratic” dictators go to a life of retirement “exile” in Saudi Arabia,  these nations allow all member nations ( including the Democratic Republic of the Congo and others much-maligned for civil rights abuses, election fraud, torture, etc.) to take their turn in the council leadership with hidden agenda to investigate or entrap.

Currently, the CEO of the Comesa Council is Sandra Uwera ( a Rwandan woman) and the head of the Business Council is Gallina Tembo ( also female, but never asked her native nationality). Consider, also, Pacra ( the Business Registration Office) had six of eight registration officer positions held by women.

All this is so little known and reported on (outside of Al Jazeera), maybe this’ll spark a Google or Wikipedia search…….



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