Social Media, You’re Stressing Me Out

My audience is the MDST 485 class and the goal of this blog is to inform my fellow classmates about how our modern use of social media can have a negative impact on our lives and our well-being.

Three billion people are using social media – and we’re spending an average of 2 hours every day browsing among social platforms. With so much time being spent emotionally buried by the online world, how is this affecting our personal lives? Our well-being?

It seems as though when the day is over and our work is complete, there’s still something to stress about. We nervously post a picture on Facebook hoping that it gets enough “likes” to make us feel good, but at what cost? The virtual world of Facebook likes will follow us throughout the day and night, haunting both our dreams and our daydreams. The problem with social media is that it never ends. It almost feels like it’s impossible to turn it off. While scrolling through our feeds looking at cute puppies and cookie recipes, we’re also reading the negativity posted by others who are looking to vent. Even if we don’t comment or get involved with that negativity, it affects our mindset and adds more stress to our thoughts. Venting online can feel good for a brief amount of time. But social media is turning into a trap for all our emotions. And those emotions follow us around wherever we go, creating unnecessary stress in our lives.

The reading by Castells discussed how the Internet absorbs information and retains that information for a long time. When that information all over our Facebook feed is emotional and personally related to us, it can get hard to digest over time. BBC is exploring how social media affects our well-being in their series #LikeMinded, and they hope to provide solutions that could help us all live a happier, healthier digital life.


1 thought on “Social Media, You’re Stressing Me Out

  1. Katie, I love this topic! I could not agree more. So many times I have wanted to just delete my social media and try and get back to a more “simple” life, free of political posts and banter. But I never do, mostly because I would miss a lot of things that I care about from family and friends around the world. I am afraid I would lose touch with these people, sad to say! But truly, it’s the only way we stay connected to one another- we barely call people anymore. It is faster and easier to just share a post to keep a whole group of people current on your life than it is to reach out to people individually and say, “Hey, how’s it going? What’s new?” Again, sad to say, the times have changed. Social media stresses me out so much, but I feel like I NEED it. How awful is that to hear and to say?! Social media offers a lot of positives, but a lot of negativity, too, like you said. Great post!!

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