Teenagers and Social Media

My audience is Teenagers and parents of teenagers and my purpose is to create awareness to a problem.

In today’s world social media plays such a huge role in teenagers daily’s life. As this has been a growing epidemic more research has been gathered. Some professionals believe  that more teenagers are growing up with less of a self-esteem and more anxiety problems because of social media. Researchers did surveys and found that teens were showing more signs of these variables that leads to lower self-esteem’s and more anxiety issues. The correlation was that a lot of these teenagers were victims to cyberbullying and said it has affected them mentally how they view themselves.This cyber bullying has happen through facebook, snapchat, instagram, and texting according to the researchers results. Also peer acceptance is such huge component  for teenagers and with social your constantly portraying an image that you want your peers to accept. This has always been a thing for teenagers but with social media it’s an every day thing because of the accessibility to social media. Constantly trying to portray or keep an image can create anxiety because the fear of not having peer acceptance.



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