A Surprise Witness for Minnesota

To Each His Owned

Are you into surveys…social scientist-done studies…” opinion pieces” where all is presented with third-person, psychic-with-no-psychic-powers-generalities like this: (from “Minnesota Nice and Racism”-Twin Cities daily Planet)

Minnesota Blog pic    Well, this may be for you if you like arguing with the screen or printed page.

In my years living Minnesota I held the same jobs, lived in the same, demographically diverse neighborhoods as I lived in during the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic and Southern region-living portions of my life.

I redefine the truths evident in the sources/URLs below from the perspective that utilizes the blunt truth style of the Northeast and Deep South:

  • In the piece below about Minnesota Nice being a veil for racism, I would counter that having grown up in places where the racism is just as evident in the attitudes of the white majority, Minnesota is the first place that I didn’t hear about it. Many years here…never been called any racial slur by anyone in or out of uniform. Not even walking into a bar filled with about 50-70 bikers…my order was taken, I was brought my meal, I paid then left. Even the bikers by the door who easily could have folded me up and put me in their shirt pocket, just kept looking where I was not until I walked out the door.

Maybe they hated me, maybe they had no words for an outsider/outgroup member, maybe they didn’t care…whatever the thoughts/feelings/opinions behind their silence and aversion-to-eye-contact-freeze-frame, I left completely unobstructed while not not hearing it.

  • As for the picture of a white man in a police officer’s face, I counter that anyone, even the elderly and disabled, would be stupid to walk up on a man or woman in uniform. True, I am of mixed ethnicity, but even relatives I meet for the first time think I am African-American until I speak native (never asked why), but I never had a problem approaching a police officer (within arms-reach)—whether in Hattiesburg or Hastings—because I kept my empty hands visible, (fingers unfolded) with my cell-phone (and anything else that could be reimagined to be a gun in my pocket and unseen.

This is not a statistical, many-times removed analysis asking you to rely on what someone you don’t know says about this State, just an exercise that acknowledges in conclusion that every pose, policy, position or picture of the sources below would never be just as true copy-and-pasting any State other than Minnesota in any or all.

  • In Minnesota, reducing it to a minimalist’s math, my struggle is with the Legislature’s words and actions (only 33% of a State trifecta of People, Police and Policy); while in eight other States I have lived or worked in for at least one year, the struggle is outwardly manifested in the words and actions of all three (100%).







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