Generate Buzz Through Positive Outlets


The audiences for this post are my classmates. My goal is to continue on with my theme of how we use social media as a tool for good or evil (yes, I know my perspective is subjective).

Social media has the power to connect us with people and ideas from across the globe; this tool can be used for good or evil. I prefer to seek positive exchanges and found a community that’s trying to save the world through mitigating their waste. My thoughts are, how we can use conscious consumerism as a solution to our current ecological problems? Nobody wants to be told what to do… Unless it’s by someone you respect and trust. Buzz Agents (Struthers and Wang pg. 219) is a concept based off of using peers as a more reliable source of information through social media campaigns that incorporates a cooperative aspect with an authentic non-commercialized influencer or “Buzz Agent”. If you’re trying to raise awareness to an issue, gaining a relationship with your audience through sharing manageable and functional actions they can take to contribute to your message is an essential instrument for causing a larger affect. I follow The Wasted Blog, here the author is on a journey to becoming a more conscious consumer by using items that are long-lasting and not disposable. It’s difficult to change the way people do things on a daily basis but by bringing attention to simple alternatives that can have a big impact on our world for the better, Buzz Agents can flip the narrative and offer a positive outlet. Use your platforms as a way to spread some positive vibes.

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