Many of us have been hearing, reading and seeing FAKE news and FAKE websites are all over. We have all seen them, clicked on them or maybe even shared them. If you had any type of social media during the last presidential election you saw plenty. Facebook was beginning to look like a “He said” “She said” battleground. It caused friends, co-workers and families to take sides.


We hate to admit that we might have believed them. I can say I was beginning to worry when my husband would always blurt out “GUESS WHAT?” Then, he would say something that I hoped when he heard himself say it out loud he would know it wasn’t true. He usually still believed it. The funniest one and one I can tease him about was when he was convinced sure the Aaron Rogers was died. It took me the rest of the hour long car ride to get him off the subject.

When thinking about what website to write about I came across Politicot.com. I had not seen this site before so I thought I would check it out. It had all the crazy headlines we see on fake news sites (or the old school fake news National Enquirer ). I clicked on a headline to see what the story was about.

Pope Criminalizes the Reporting of Sex Crimes seems like a factual title right? Then I notice these buttons SHOW FACTS and HIDE FACTS when I click on them it highlights the facts. This particular article has 3.5 full factual sentences. Most articles on this site have the catchy headlines that get people to click and read it. But how many people read just that headline and believe exactly what it says.

So are the articles on Politicot.com real? Do they add value to the conversation? Or do they distract people from the truth? Reading through a few they are nothing more then a comical distraction from reality. Here are a few good quotes from this site.

The Union of Alaskan Prostitutes, an organization dedicated to offering physical protection and legal representation to the working girls of Alaska, agrees with its former half-term governor completely. In accordance with their position on the apparent liberal, corporate war on Christmas in America, the Union has decided to offer a 50% discount to all Republicans as a way of supporting their fight against the destruction of the holiest of Christian holidays.”

““ISIS’s inevitable takeover of the NFL is a horrific vision. Burqas provide no head or body protection whatsoever. And by dressing all teams identically, ISIS will make it extremely difficult for NFL players to distinguish between their team members and opponents. How we will determine the true winner of this year’s Superbowl!” Mr. Poe added.”

FBI Unintentionally Turns Training Video into Hilarious Must See Travel Video

So, the next time you click on a catchy headline ask yourself. Did Aaron Rogers die?

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