Advocating for Positive Change- Blog 2

An advocate is someone who cares about another person, a group of people, a political stance, an endangered animal, etc. An advocate is a person that cares deeply enough to do something; to act on it. If you want the real definition from a credible source (the dictionary), here you go:

“A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

This is a great definition, but it’s no longer enough to just support or recommend a cause or an organization. It’s time we act. This can be something as simple as volunteering at a soup kitchen, picking up litter, voting, donating money, volunteering at a helpline, etc. A huge non-profit organization that could always use your support is the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU advocates for American Citizens and the rights that are often stolen from us. Consider donating by becoming a member. You could also consider donating your time by volunteering at Neighborhood House; a small, local organization dedicated to offering services to those in need. There are so many things we can do!

Advocacy is powerful. This video offers ideas on how to advocate for something you believe in:


Many of us feel we just don’t have the time. In that case, you could stay involved by keeping up with current events. You can stay involved by voting on every election day; whether it’s a special election or a general election. You can be involved in a social change by interacting on social media- most of us are on social media anyway. We can even sign petitions online now. Many organizations would love a monetary donation.

My suggestion: Find the time. Do something positive for this world. It will make you feel better and it will help make the world a better place. A little kindness and sacrifice can go a very long way to helping those in need.

You can start now by voting on November 6th! Get that Sticker!


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