Parenting 4

Welcome back folks to the second and final week of what the hell. This week is my opinion on kids sleeping in bed with you, the parent, indefinitely. “We sleep with our two kids. They are 5 and 2, and I have never owned a crib or a bassinet. Our family bed consists of two futons on the floor side by side: one with black sheets, the other adorned with knights, castles and dragons. We don’t co-sleep, which means sleeping in the same room; we sleep in the same bed. That’s called bed-sharing”, Mayim Bialik on TODAY To me personally, there are many things I question about this. I get that as a parent the time may come where you will most likely find another body in bed with you in the middle of the night or early the next morning due to a bad nightmare or something peering out from the closet. But to make it a point to sleep in the same bed as your child on a regular basis? I can’t imagine that that would be healthy for anyone emotionally. I can understand that from a human standpoint sleeping huddled together is just an evolutionary thing taking us back to our primal days on staying together to avoid getting eaten by something bigger and the obvious staying warm aspect. But these days it seems that parents are in a mad rush in some cases to accelerate their child’s development, teaching them that separate is better. You have your own space (Parents), while I have mine and that occasionally it is OK to mix these two spaces together. By this thought I am referring to the bedroom and sleep arrangements. Many of the books you read and advice from doctors teach you as a parent to start teaching your child how to be independent, this includes things like the “cry it out” method (HUFFPOST). Your teaching your child it’s OK to be on their own and/or how to cope and self-calm, depending on your view point.

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