Recommended Restaurants in the Twin Cities

Do you know what are my favorite restaurants to eat at? I like to eat at places mostly in the Twin Cities such as Randolph Griddle, Snuffy’s, Daily Cairo Grill, Moose Country, Deg Deg Grill, Willos in Karmel, Rooster’s BBQ, African Deli, Afro Deli, Hen House Eatery and Hi-Lo Diner. For this blog I would to talk about what I enjoyed eating on the menu for my top 5 favorite restaurants and then recommend which place you could try a crack at first!

The first restaurant that I think you should stop by first on your list is Snuffy’s. Snuffy’s is a good place to get a  hamburger, fries and a malt shake with friends or even with the fam (family). The second place I think you could go to next on your food adventure is Randolph Griddle. Now, the Randolph Griddle used to be called the Copper Dome and what a great spot for a business breakfast, family or after an event. I was able to retrieve a video link from their Facebook page:

You need to check it out! The third restaurant on the list that you could check out is Afro Deli, especially if you feel like grabbing something a little Middle Eastern but purely Somali cuisine. The food that you could try out could be their famous sambusas, some rice or falafel balls on pita bread as shown below.

The fourth restaurant I would recommend is Hen House Eatery in Minneapolis, if you are one of those people that feel like breakfast should be an all-day thing. The chicken and waffles dish is amazing and the chicken has the right amount of spice. The last restaurant on the list that I recommend you can try out with friends or a spouse. The Daily Cairo Grill is a small restaurant on Chicago Ave. in Minneapolis but its the perfect spot to come pick up quick food such as their very tasty sambusas and burs (Mandazi). The basmati rice is great and a good enough side dish to compliment the sambusa. When I also made my way there, I would sometimes get the chicken curry and the chicken is so tender. One last thing, if you could please get their tea with milk to drink with the meal or to end the meal off nice.


The Top Five Restaurants I Recommend in the Twin Cities

  1. Snuffy’s –
  2. Randolph Griddle –
  3. Afro Deli –
  4. Hen House Eatery –
  5. Daily Cairo Grill –


1 thought on “Recommended Restaurants in the Twin Cities

  1. Gianni,

    Nice work on your blog! One thing that did surprise me was that Roosters BBQ was not on your top 5! Personally, I believe roosters to be the best BBQ spot in the Twin Cities and i go whenever I have the Chance!

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