Gripes of old games

Final Fantasy X-2 will for me always go down as the worst sequel in video game history, but for many adoring Final Fantasy fans found it refreshing and remarkable. Today I am here to stomp on all of those people’s hopes and dreams.



Gamespot reviewed this game and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. They begin the article with some very confusing statements. “…it’s(Final Fantasy X-2) a sequel to a sequel “. Now this statement is maybe three quarters of the way true. This game is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X is the 10th game in a run of Final Fantasy games but as Gamespot points out previously in their review “every game in the series stands alone as a self-contained story with a unique setting, plot, and cast of characters” So Final Fantasy X is as much of a sequel to Final Fantasy IX as Deadpool is to Spiderman.

Next the author talks about the tone shift from the “subtle and a little melancholy story that focused on love and loss as much as saving the world” to X-2’s upbeat and overly cheerful game. This is atrocious, to give you perspective there has only been 1 time that I have cried in my life and it was at the end of Final Fantasy X. And everyone that played that game was hoping for a continuation of that story instead we were given a glimpse of what we wanted only to have it flushed down the toilet with pop song concerts and dress up parties.

As for the actual battle mechanics I had no problems with them. They fit the theme that the developers chose for this game. In the end though you will find the difficulty pretty low. As far as minigames go  I only really enjoyed one of these which is the run and gun mini game and part of me wishes they would have made the entire game with that style.

Final Fantasy X-2’s best features are its settings and characters all which were already established by the original what players were looking for was closure and FFX-2 provided none making the entire game almost completely unrelated to the original when it was supposed to be a sequel it felt more like a spin off.


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