The YES Men … and Why I say NO Sir.

The YES Men are led by two gentlemen who utilize organized chaos to disrupt, discredit or otherwise disarm seemingly untouchable organizations that covet stock holder approval and profits above all else. In the age of social media, the platform of choice is clear … the information super highway. They have perfected the art of impersonation, creating fake web sites, spreading false rumors and making fictional press releases; all in the name of making waves for those they feel have wronged “the people” in some way. Those waves have come in the forms of white caps to tsunamis for those in the YES Men’s cross hairs. This all seems like a noble cause and quality entertainment, I don’t disagree with this, not on the surface.

On their Website the first thing you see is a very patriotic looking bird creature. (Not quite an eagle, see below.) Immediately for me I feel like it is a Right-wing propaganda satirical website that is going to be calling me a snowflake in the first click of the mouse. It is very misleading. After much digging, video watching and combing through of their archives it is discovered that provoking that form of knee jerk response from their readers is probably a bonus inside joke that they get to share around the water cooler every time they get a new click on their site. I am not a fan of being the butt of a joke, but whatever, I can get over it if these guys are trying to dupe billionaire con artists out of their ill-gotten gains, even if it is just a fraction of their coins … we’ll take what we can get.

What the heck is this thing anyway?

I am not a fan of the political satire, fake news or “using humor and trickery to expose the truth” for a one big reason … it has gotten out of control. There was a certain amount of credibility to the news at one time; there was a code of ethics behind the business. Satire was a whole separate business, MAD magazine never tried to pass itself off as real news. Now in the age of social media there is no control, anyone can say anything and pass it off as whatever they want. It has gotten to the point that it isn’t just the uneducated individuals that are being fooled by fake news anymore. People in power are science deniers because they read online somewhere that climate change was a hoax. When poking fun confuses to the point that people stop paying attention you have become part of the problem. I understand that they think they are getting back at these “monsters of capitalist America” in the only way they think hurts them IN THE WALLET and they are probably right that it can take them down a peg temporarily. However, if nature has taught us anything you can only poke a bear so many times before you get mauled no matter how noble your cause. These elitists believe themselves to be above the law of the land and the system is designed to support that behavior so two dudes from the web, poking fun and making waves might find themselves out either in the surf without a board to ride or in the woods running from the bear that just wont take one more Poke. Good luck either way boys. I’ll be over here trying to actually do something constructive.

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