How Video Games Changed My Life

In high school, I always wandered, trying to find my niche. But I wasn’t much of an athlete, or an artist, an intellect, or a musical person. I wasn’t particularly good at much, with the exception of my mediocre writing skills and my passion for reading and learning.

My father got a Sega Dreamcast when I was around 3 years old, and would play Virtua Fighter on it. He would play in front of the TV while his three year old daughter watched and cheered him on.

Some years later, he got a Playstation 2, and arcade stick, and Virtua Fighter 4. He grew tired of the gaming console and I inherited it. I would play that game for HOURS even on school nights, and for half the day during the summer.

Fast forward to when I was 20 and bought my first console on my own: a Playstation 4. I immediately bought Mortal Kombat X with it, since Virtua Fighter was discontinued. I played the story mode when I got it set up, didn’t stop except to go to the bathroom and eat, and I hustled. I woke up and played, before bed, played.

And I found a community that I finally found my niche in. I finally got a twitter and used it to check in on tournament updates and to talk to others about the game. Then Injustice 2, a fighting game with DC Comic Heroes, came along and the fanbase and community grew with it. I watch streams and some of the best players with help me and answer my questions.

Now, after these years, I feel like I’m actually good at something, and found people who enjoy the same interests. If it wasn’t for them or the games, I wouldn’t have much to look forward to. Thank you to the FGC (Fighting Game Community) for making me feel autonomous and whole!

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