I Stop, Won’t You?

Every day, I risk my life. I risk my life….by walking to my bus stop. To get to the bus that takes me to and from work, I must cross a busy road. I wait at an unmarked intersection for cars to either stop, or for traffic to let up completely. Most days I end up running to avoid getting hit since few drivers stop.

Motorist are legally obligated to “stop for crossing pedestrians at every intersection, even those without crosswalks or stop lights”.


In the city of St. Paul, 148 pedestrians were struck by motor vehicles last year. 3 of them died, another 126 were injured, and only 19 walked away, unharmed. As of March 21, 2019, 3 people had already been killed this year, matching last year’s total.

So, for pete’s sake – STOP ALREADY! Keep an eye out for people waiting to cross the street. Even if the intersection does not have painted lines – it still qualifies as a crosswalk, and you are still legally obligated to stop.

Beyond the obligation, let’s stop to be better neighbors, better human beings to one another. We all have some place we’re trying to get to, and are likely in a hurry. So help me out, please. If you see me (or anyone else) waiting to cross the road, please slow down, come to a complete stop, and give me the few precious moments of your day to allow me to cross safely.

Join me by taking the “I stop for pedestrians” pledge now!

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