Endanger Species Day

May 17th was Endangered Species Day. Each year that goes by we lose more and more animals living on the brink of extinction. Some of those species are going to disappear. Not in a decade or even the next 5 years. Some of them will not live to see the next Endangered Species Day. That’s why the endangered animals of this world need you today.

Today you can act, and save this incredibly rich biodiversity that survives only here on our planet. Purchase from Amazon smile, with World Wildlife Fund as recipient, and Amazon will make a percent donation on your behalf at no expense to you.

Now, despite sending out $125 million in donations, Amazon smile has sent that money out to all different kinds of charities. It also only donates .5% of each purchase using Amazon smile, which means it adds up slowly.

But these endangered species need your help today or they will disappear forever!

That’s why I strongly encourage you make your a contribution of your own to https://www.worldwildlife.org/ today. Many of these animals could be gone before you know it. Don’t wait, your chance to make a difference is now.

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