College is stressful enough – without the thousands in debt

Attending college is a privilege. It is also an accomplishment to be proud of. College comes with hard work along with stress. It comes with exciting new information and knowledge, then more stress. It comes with new faces and new friends, then more stress…you get the point.

College is stressful, plain and simple. Whether you attend Harvard or Metropolitan State University, whether your major is science & engineering or creative writing, college is stressful. You have to be efficient as heck at time management. Managing classes, coursework, appointments, work, social life, taking care of yourself and your health, and on top of all that, all the little inconveniences life throws your way…a college student is BUSY to say the least.

A giant part of the stress of college is paying for it! Higher education in America does not come cheap. The majority of college students these days graduate with a student loan debt around $30,000 dollars. That is more money than the cost of some brand new cars, more than some people make in a year, and definitely enough to put a large damper on a student’s spirit. Having that debt looming ahead often causes people to drop out, it creates a huge inconvenience for those who decide college isn’t for them for a different reason. For those who plan to and do earn a college degree, the awareness of the massive amounts of debt they will accumulate that will take years and years to pay off, while limiting their future ability to purchase a home or start a family, lessens the feelings of excitement and accomplishment you should feel when earning your degree. THIS IS WHY PUBLIC COLLEGE SHOULD BE FREE.

It is not something that is impossible to achieve. If a country we can spend 3 billion on wars…we can probably fund a plethora of other things too. Shocking, I know. Here is a plan to do just that by a current presidential candidate.

College is hard enough with a new environment, living on your own, taking care of yourself, managing schoolwork, work, classes, family, friends, and whatever else it may be. Worrying about massive amounts of debt, if you can afford to get an education, makes an unnecessary burden. America is better than that. Vote for people to represent your county, your state, your country well. Making college free would help do more than just alleviate the middle-class of an extreme burden. Check out these 5 reasons it would help as a whole.

If you believe public universities being free would have helped you or someone you know follow their true path in life, step out of their comfort zone, get the job they wanted, meet like-minded people, or just have the opportunity for higher education without the stress of constant worries of work, money, and debt, then VOTE for those who have a plan to make college more affordable.

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