It all started February 12th, 2019. I lost the most influential man in my life. My paternal Grandfather Earl passed away and it’s been a rough 4months. I honestly never imaged how hard losing him would ever be. Grandpa Earl was a genuine kindhearted man, who taught me what a man should be. The week of his funeral I spent much of that time with my cousins. We were on the way to the funeral in the Subaru when the song Eulogy by Prof came on. In that moment I started bawling it was all to real.

I posted to Facebook several weeks later that the song became my anthem I would play the song on repeat to and from work. My cousin Devven commented on the status I had made saying Prof would be at SoundSet and we had to go to the concert, my cousin and I booked our tickets the next week. We made it to the music festival Sunday May 26th around noon. Prof was scheduled on the mainstage for a short 230pm-3pm slot. The sun was out not a cloud in the sky, show time was coming near and my cousin and I got as close to the stage as we could.

After hyping the crowd up with the first two songs he then said he was going to slow thing down and play something from his newest album Pookie Baby. That is when the I could hear the instrumental beginning to my song Eulogy. I sang my heart out, by the end I had few tears in my eye. I looked over at my cousin he knew and we hugged it out. He continued and the whole set was amazing. After it was all said and done I just wanted to say Grandpa “Having the time, having the time, time of my life I promise you, I promise you, everything is right”

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