Well Earned Criticism

Since its pride month, I knew I could find something to criticize regarding anti-gay remarks being posted to various social platforms. In lieu of me being a Proud Bisexual woman I figured this would be an interesting topic for me partake in. Just this last Saturday June 8th Franklin Graham showed his gratitude for our highly regarded “culturally competent” President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompe for deciding against flying the gay flag over the embassies during June gay pride month.

I wanted to call out the fallacies Franklin’s bias approach to the subject at hand. “The gay flag is offensive to Christians.” As a person who was brought up in and around the Christian faith; and on the same token someone who has drifted from the faith due to statements and judgmental remarks like these. I want to know what makes this so offensive. I am offended as a member of the LGBTQ community for a comment like this to be made and to have earned such a great deal of publicity.  As well as a decision for the government to not support the flying of the gay flag, shows to me that the government is not in support of the LGBTQ community. We the people had enacted the law that allowed same sex marriage in all 50 states June 26th, 2015. Our decision to love whom we love and to live life authentically somehow offends others.

I wanted to end things on a more positive note, my brother and I attended the Golden Valley Pride this last weekend and Volunteered for the Quatrefoil Library.

1 thought on “Well Earned Criticism

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your stance on this, it is sad to see how hateful people in power in this country are. Not to mention how incorrect they are, nice post.

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