Who is really the G.O.A.T?


I know this topic is debated heavily already, and it has been for quite sometime, but I felt I need to point out the untrue, and shed light onto the weird approach of the article above. The author states that James is the most talented basketball player we’ve ever seen, he says this and obviously believes he is an expert on the topic. He argues the debate isn’t actually about stats or talent, but about memory. I would disagree, players should be critiqued on their skill, the debate should remain about facts, not this nostalgic crap the author seems to be invested in. Memory and time does not give Jordan the advantage, if they can’t remember that he was worse than James how could they remember that he is better?

An argument on who is the most skilled, talented, perfect basketball player of all time should never have anything to do with what someone thinks is based on a memory bank or memory reconstructions. Facts do not change over time, memories of real events may fade but can not make up a different event or ending. The way he talks about Lebron, having people hold his talent against him, people calling him an alien, and how Jordan was appreciated for his talent and hard work…its clear the author has an extreme bias.

And lets look at the facts shall we? Since after all thats what an argument should be based on.

James – Average 1.6 steals – 0.8 blocks. He didn’t feel the need to guard the best player on the opposing team (the closest to his equal/what would be fair) 27 points and 7 assists per game 73% free throw shooter, better at passing than Jordan.

Jordan – Average 2.3 steals – 0.8 blocks ( 2 inches shorter than James) Jordan always felt the need to guard the best player on the opposing team. Michael Jordan has won the defensive player of the year and James never has. 30 points 8 assists average per game, 83% free throw shooter, 9 time scoring champion (something James only accomplished once)

Who do you think is the better player? It may depend on how you look at it like this author from the article if you’re upset you think people are remembering things better than they were, or if you base your opinion off of facts, which team you like etc.

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