Bullies are Cowards Proven By me!

Are you bully? If yes, you already know what I will be talking about so read my other blogs. Or have you seen bully person. If yes, what do you remember about them. They are loud and show off other people what they are doing. I can tell you this, bully person is coward in nature because they only target those they perceived as weaker, so long as you remain passive and complaint, you make yourself target. You should never stay complaint hoping that they will come to their sense and one day stop bullying you. Most people will you that to place yourself in a position where you can safely protect yourself and you might ask, how about bully how is bigger than you. I will tell you otherwise, be willing to bully the bully themselves until they know that you are not weaker person. I remember friend of mine who was smaller in size but was most feared person in our group. If older guys bully him, he will start fight every time he sees that person. Whether they are ready for fight or dressed up for wedding, o mourning for their mothers’ grave. I am not suggesting you bully but I will tell you that make bully to never ever bully you because if you let them once, it will be haunting you forever

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