Cable News Killing Journalism

I am not old enough to tell you that how simple news media used to be, and I have feeling that you do not need anyone to tell you that either, but lately I have noticing how cable news is killing journalism. Cable news networks want to cover news 24 hour but unfortunately there is no news that is enough to fit 24 hour to be spin off  and they are starting to bring large group of  people from different political affiliation who are not exert at anything except false narrative that can not be verified right away. What happened to real journalism, finding truth about corporation, or disposing government outreach. It seems print news are doing their due diligence and not exaggerating news in order to win audience for rating purposes. For example, in 2014 when Malaysia airplane disappeared cable news media started speculating wild idea and CNN took it to the next level by introducing theory that supernatural might be at play without any shred of evidence. CNN’s Don Lemon asked one of his guests if might be black hole or Bermuda triangle might be involved and CNN’s rating soured through the roof for exaggerating the news which led FOX News to cover CNN’s coverage of Malaysia airplane disappearance. These kinds of stories are the exact reason why cable news killing journalism to reach wider audience and boost ratings

Must watch this video

2 thoughts on “Cable News Killing Journalism

  1. When I first practicing journalism years back in college as an intern, there’s this feeling of being authentic in reporting because journalists at the time were considered the ear and eye of society. Keep the reading population of facts. Now, journalism is about favoritism. However, there’s still other media outlet that report factual new coverage. Great post.

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