A Michelin Star Experience

This year I’ve decided to take my unsolicited Yelp reviews to another level, I’ve decided to blog about them.

My relationship with food with has always been positive – yes I was that kid asking my parents for another serving of veggies. Something about the flavors and chemistry of every dish has always pulled me in. So when I was old enough to go out with my friends and grab dinners at all the popular restaurant, I went all overboard. We often used popular Twin Cities Instagram account Eat.Drink.Dish.Mpls as our guide to explore new and innovating restaurants that opened up in the city. My friends and I would go out to eat so often that it started to effect my bank account and my mother wasn’t happy at all. I’ve pulled back since then and only go out for special occasions (suddenly my students loans inspired me to eat at home more often)- like birthdays and graduations.

Recently I took a trip to Washington, DC for school purposes and it happened to also be during my birthday weekend – needless to say I called my cousins who lived in the area and we went out to eat. My cousin recommended a little restaurant called Chloe located in the Navy Pier area, and to my surprise this “little” restaurant was Michelin Star certified.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted warmly by the hostess and ushered to our table. Our waiter came by seconds later and introduced himself, followed by the usually questions. “Have you dined with us before? Are you familiar with our menu? Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies the chef should know?” After that he dived into the extensive shared menu that had dishes ranging from crispy fingerling potatoes to Chile glazed sablefish; to say that we were excited to order would be an understatement.

We settled on the Cobio Crudo, an avocado and Thai chili lime fish sauce with shallots; Caramelized Cauliflower and Potato Gnocchi that we ordered twice; Roasted Cod; and a Hanger Steak that had creamed Swiss chard, shishito peppers , crispy onions, and chimichurri. The dishes were shareable and that made the experience 10 times better. The mastermind behind Chloe is Chef Haidar Karoum, a Lebanese-American whose dishes are inspired by his heritage and travels around the world.

My experience at Chloe was intimate and their dishes were the perfect combination of appetizing and sensual. Rarely do I rave about a restaurant like this but Chloe deserves the praise. I’ll be making a trip out to DC sometime soon and within the first 2 hours of my visit, you’ll catch me at Chloe ordering my fourth bowl of Caramelized Cauliflower.

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