The Damages of wearing False Eyelashes!

In the cosmetic industry false eyelashes are extremely popular in the fashion world. Everyone from the celebrities, models, drag queens, and everyday people have been seen wearing false eyelashes, including myself have worn them in the past. Some may agree that its a great alternative to mascara when you don’t have to worry about the product causing you sensitive eyes or smearing! There are many reasons to wear false eyelashes, one reason would be to make your eyelashes looks more long and full, another reason would be to feel more confident about your look because some people aren’t confident with the size of their natural eyelashes. Although I believe in natural beauty, longer eyelashes tends to enhance the beauty. Some also wear false eyelashes for medical issues including diseases such as alopecia.

Although eyelashes may be a fashion trend in the cosmetic world stemming from decades ago, there are some damages that can result from wearing false eyelashes. One of the main reasons I stopped wearing false eyelashes was because they did some damage to my natural eyelashes. In fact, it made my natural eyelashes look less full after having them removed. Another issue I had was I experienced eye infections while wearing false eyelashes, although I think it had much to do with me receiving PRK eye surgery, and having dry eyes. It is very important to have a certified eyelash technician who specializes in adding eyelash extensions, using the proper glue, and product to remove the eyelashes that will keep the natural eyelashes healthy. Some people make the mistake of removing false eyelashes on their own, and using the wrong glue to apply certain eyelashes, which can cause temporary or even permanent loss of natural eyelashes.

The Risks of Wearing False Eyelashes

Some of the risks of wearing false eyelashes:

  • Eye Infections
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Damage to Your Natural Lashes
  • Eye Injuries

Normally eye infections occur when false eyelashes come in contact with the glue that is cross contaminated causing its bacteria to go near the eye resulting to conjunctivitis. The glue product or even the fake eyelashes can cause someone an allergic reaction, which can result in stinging, burning, swelling, or a rash. As mentioned before damage to natural eyelashes can cause temporary or even permanent loss to natural eyelashes depending on the care. An eye injury can occur when the glue goes into cornea, which can result to scratching the glue on the cornea causing serious damage to the eye.

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