Dog aggression

Did you know that a high majority of dog owners mistakes aggression as play. Dog aggression is always overlooked and that can cause a big problem within community. Yes, dogs can bite, paw, and even wrestle with one another. But, when it goes overboard, owners need to know when to stop it. A part of that comes with being able to read signs, age, and body posture.

Me and my girlfriend own an Australian Shepherd. Every time we play with her in public dog parks, we will always test other dogs behavior first. What we do is walk our dog along the fence and let her greet other dogs from the other side. This is a safety test for dogs to see their temper, attitude, and dominance. It’s a safety precaution for both dogs and owners. You never know which dog is looking for a challenge, especially on heat season.

When we’re in a dog park, playing is natural and seeing the signs are almost basic. A playful dog is also submissive. Meaning they’re willing to show respect towards your dog. Respect is not pawing your dogs rear, not biting and locking the neck, and not dry humping. Because those signs are of dominance and claiming of your dog.

“Discipline isn’t about showing a dog who’s boss; it’s about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.” – Cesar Millan

During heat season, dogs can become more aggressive and attack other dogs or people. Dry humping is one sign of masturbation and can be a dog trying to claim another. Biting on the neck is also a sign of dominance and can become an aggression as well. It’s not only a kill aggression, but a way to make other dogs submit by force. With that, if a dog is showing submission, they’ll usually show their stomach. Showing the stomach is a sign of submission, because that’s their most vulnerable body part. Letting other dogs mount onto them can be one sign of submission as well.

Yes, seeing these actions a part of nature. But to own them and let others mistreat them is not okay. Because they are your companion and your property, showing respect and boundaries a must. Knowing aggression and play is something to know about when it comes to your dog. If you want them safe and sane, be more cautious with them.

Knowing when to take your dog away from those situations are vital, because it can be a life saving moment for your dog. It’s not just a discipline, but also a training for yourself. It’s a lesson to know when owning a dog, to treat them like family and friends. You want them to be safe and treated equally, with that comes being mindful of situations and alert of others.

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