Dog Discrimination

Banning specific dog breeds within places are absurd. People managing apartments or just public grounds do not understand dogs. Every dog behavior is different, base on owners handling. breed does not play a part.

Dogs come in many shape, size, and temperament. Every individual dog can however turnout for the better or worst. According to research, the (Pitbull Terrier) was once proudly recognize as America’s dog. But, because of mishandling from owners, the pitbull terrier is shame upon today. Although the breed is still quite popular, look alone puts fear in people. This discrimination causes such banning in certain states and even living situation.

Breed specific-legislation (BSL) is a law that targets specific dog. It supposedly controls banning rights and restrict breeds within living situations. In some cases, this law targets breed that looks similar to specific dogs. Causing misunderstanding for public’s and endangering dogs. This law is a discrimination for breeds in general, it does not bring out the best in dog. Because so many dogs are mutt, one does not know if the dog is a “pitbull” or different type of terrier.

According to this web, the term “pitbull” refers to “elastic, imprecise, and subjective phrase.” Meaning that the dog is known to have any weight from 20-100lbs and carries a block head. This basically pertains to most dogs, meaning that any dog can be a pitbull. If anything, all dogs are mix and carries some sort of trait from different breeds.

Discriminating on specific dogs are insanely high within states and that brings in higher rate for dog shelter. This has nothing to do with dogs either, but owners. If anything, owners are the cause for this stereotype for breeds, owners should be responsible for those punishment, not the dogs.

1 thought on “Dog Discrimination

  1. I have to say I was totally guilty of it when I was little with my first dog. We got to choose our dog for free among this litter of labrador puppies and among them was one black one. My dad really liked the black one and my little brother and I wanted one of the other ones that were golden. I remember literally saying that a black one would not look good in pictures. I feel so ashamed of myself for thinking that way. But we ended up taking the little black lab to make my dad happy and I never regretted taking him home. I loved him until I had to give him away because I moved and my parents went through a divorce.

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