College Experience

What is the college experience? Some think of the college experience as a time to explore new boundaries such as people, culture, and learning experience. A college experience are those and more. The importance of it is to get a better job and start at life.

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I’ve been in college for about a decade now. Just graduated with my associate in 2019, now graduating with my bachelor in 2020. Throughout my experience, I have always wonder if college was worth it. College back in 2007, when I graduated high school was a big deal. It was the talk of getting a good job. Just having an associate was more than enough.

In 2014 things started to change, where an associate was no longer the needed degree. Instead a bachelor became require in most entry jobs. I remember hearing about this news, while still trying to complete my associate. At that point I felt like giving up, because it felt like there was no hope. Soon after in 2016, I lost my mom and things just fell apart. I just wanted to quit because of the bills, lack of motivation, and peer pressure. Nothing was for certain anymore.

After losing my mom in 2016, my North Hennepin community College counselor questioned me. Shawn told me that I can’t stay in a community college forever. Because time was running out and money was running out. He asked me “What is your next step, right now?” I couldn’t answer him at that time. But because I was in NHCC for so long, I got comfortable and scare of moving on. The college experience was terrible, so I thought. But, after a hard and long consideration, I decided to transfer to Metropolitan State University to get a bachelor degree. I wanted to finish this experience for myself. I wanted to be the first to obtain a college degree in my family. I wanted a better life, even if it was uncertain.

The college experience was an up hill battle, it’s uncertain of results, and may jeopardize more than its own worth. My thought on the college experience is that, people need to research their intentions on that specific goal or degree. Because some degree holds no value in today’s need. However, the end goal for it all is to obtain knowledge and be a better person. Yes, a great job is the aim for it all. But, while being in the process of it, why not enjoy the experience and value being given.

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  1. The college experience is different for everyone but I feel you on the part where it feels like you’re pursuing a degree but does a person really need a degree nowadays to pursue a good career? I’ve come across so many people who have such good jobs and they don’t have a degree or any experience in that field of work before getting the job. I do feel like college helps you see things in a different way, it challenges you and helps you discover things about yourself that you probably never knew you were interested in. Congrats on your journey. Keep going you’re almost done. 🙂

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