Let’s fight STRESS together.

Life is stressful period. It can be bad stress or even good stress, the matter is it’s stress. Stress can cause issues for individuals of all size, age, and even mental stability. Stress is there.

According to research, stress has been on the high when it comes down to finance problem, divorce, and even social media. Stress can occur in small dosage, but with the amount of time you feel stress, it accrues. With too much stress, one can cause chronic pain or fatigue.

Stress does not just cause pain, but weight gain as well. According to sources, stress can trigger hormone, belly fat, anxiety, craving, and less sleep. Hormone is when one triggers the alert within the brain, caused by the fight or flight. This releases high adrenaline to stay in action. But, once the feel wears off, the body sends an alert to replenish the body. This causes one to overeat and drink.

Belly fat causes fat inflammation with the excess belly fat. This excess cortisol causes slow down of metabolism and for fat to build. The stress of this is do to mental and physical exhaustion.

Anxiety is caused by emotional eating. This is caused by one fidgeting and not being able to control their temptation. Having a strong anxiety can cause someone to stress, with that comes overeating and high adrenaline.

Craving is related to stress through comfort food. When someone is stress, they rely on a specific food to calm down. Most would eat fast food or carbs, because carbs were known to make people happy. But, carbs build high calories and sugar.

Less sleep is caused by stress with overthinking. This can cause someone to binge eat during the knight. But, with slower metabolism, foods are stored and turns to fat. This can cause weight gain and lack of rest.

Stress is there. But, stress can also be control as well. Some method to stay stress free is to exercise. Exercising allows one to release any negative thoughts and peer pressure. Weight lifting is a plus, because it gives people the leverage to drain that stress. Meaning if you’re short temper and need to release that anger, weight lifting can help control it.

Meditation is another stress reliever, because it trains breathing techniques, mindless thoughts, and relaxation. Meditation combine with yoga gives people an internal and external workout. It can also benefit people with quietness and stress relieving therapy.

Last is to be positive, because that conquers all on a daily base. Just thinking positive can benefit individuals thought process and turnout. It helps control the weight, the stress, and the relationship with people around you. So be positive daily and when stress kicks in, fight it with deep breathing and a positive outlook.

1 thought on “Let’s fight STRESS together.

  1. Stress can also be a good thing where it challenges you to get things done, but yes an overwhelming amount can get me all emotional or tired. Exercise helps me with managing stress. Too bad the gyms are closed. 😦 I’d go outside but it’s snowing and cold. Hahaha.

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