COVID-19 Impact on Black and Latinos Revealing Racial Injustice?

As the virus began to spread across the states, the CDC stated those who are known to be of high risk  are the elderly and anyone with an underlying health condition. This speculation was based on what China experienced in their population. A few months after the first case was reported and deaths continue to occur throughout the nation, scientists and doctors are realizing that young adults and youths are also vulnerable as well even if they don’t have underlying health conditions. 

While the country was focused on protecting its senior citizens, data has been released by several states to the public indicating Blacks and Latinos are most affected by the virus. Data in cities like New York are showing the two racial groups to be highly susceptible to being infected by the virus and having a higher number in deaths in comparison to Whites and Asians. 



An article by The Guardian, makes an argument that these statistics reveal not only racial disparities but racial injustice. Others listed within the text, make the argument that everyone is to be concerned and that all death matters. If we look at facts and statistics of underlying health conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory problems and etc, these are conditions that are prominent among these two groups making them high risk populations. Unlike their white counterparts, most Blacks and Latinos are unable to work from home.They make up the majority of essential workers, and the service sector. 

Another mention in the article is the injustice in the healthcare system. Historically, minorities have always had poor healthcare and healthcare treatments. Even now many lack access to health insurance and still receive poor quality care from their healthcare providers for many various reasons. To be tested for the Covid-19 and to seek treatment at a clinic can come at a high cost. Those who have no health insurance, insurance that has a high copay, or are unable to pay for their copay because of the loss of their jobs, will unlikely be willing to get tested and get treated if they experience severe signs from the virus. 

Black lawmakers and politicians are pushing the rest of the states to publish their data. Seeing the information for what it truly is, would encourage those in power to make decisions to pass laws that would protect those who are most vulnerable and possibly even out the inequity that is being experienced in the healthcare system. 

I know what you’re thinking. We’re all living in a stressful and fearful time right now. Many of us are unsure about what our outcomes would be like if we were to get the virus. All of our lives matter but the United States is unlike China where their population is more homogeneous. To compare ourselves to them would be ignoring the diversity of this country and the racial injustice minorities have experienced for years on this land, especially when it comes to healthcare. The facts about how the Covid-19 is impacting race should be acknowledged by all parties who have the control to protect the people of this country and give everybody a chance to survive through these hard times.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Impact on Black and Latinos Revealing Racial Injustice?

  1. Nice post, but racial attacks are more on asian. Base on reports too, seems like blacks and Mexicans are also joined in with asian attacks. Like the stabbing in Texas, at a Sams club. It was a Mexican, who stabbed an asian family, for COVID 19.

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